Alexis Katt

Alexis Katt

Alexis Katt is an ABBS Bookkeeper based in Bentley Park Queensland, capable of servicing clients Australia Wide

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Alexis is a proud member of Institute Certified Bookkeepers – Membership No. 394248

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Alexis Katt moved to tropical Far North Queensland from the family cane farm in South East Queensland at the beginning of 2000.  With a passion and desire to help others by educating others to help themselves, Alexis was keen to start a new life with better long-term prospects for her and her family.  From 2000-2008, Alexis completed a variety of health studies, including Homoeopathy and Massage, had employment with two major Cairns businesses within Naturopathy and Pharmacy and developed her own small practice working out of a Smithfield beauty salon.

As with all roles Alexis Katt had previously worked, these too developed into managerial, utilising her adept skills for being able to build customer base through helpful service, innate sales ability simply by being trustworthy and honest, building team cohesiveness and support and above all being able to perform payroll, keep the books in order and customers and suppliers happy.

Major life changes and the GFC in 2008, required Alexis to take a more practical approach to securing a stable financial future for her and her loved ones, so instead of fighting it Alexis embraced her innate talents and targeted employment to further build on these.   This path lead to working in retail, firstly for an international corporation in the industrial and corporate clothing division with a focus on State Government contracts, then in 2011 for an independent pre-fab shelter sales and construction company, whose major clients were from the mining sectors both in Australia and overseas.

By early 2015, Alexis Katt finally decided it was time to formalise her 22 years of experience in bookkeeping and office management by getting a qualification.

Engaging in studies enabled Alexis to undertake Temping work which quickly resulted in employment with a local civil engineering company whose major clients are local councils in the Cape York area with works being funded by various government departments.

In early 2017 Alexis Katt graduated with High Distinctions in both Bookkeeping and Small Business Management certificates.

Now, being an ABBS bookkeeper, Alexis Katt contributes her resources to the ABBS team bringing with her, her combined knowledge, skills, and experience gained from the construction, retail, farming and health & beauty sectors.

Alexis Katt promises commitment and dedication to her clients and is passionate about enabling small business owners to better understand their business and financial position, to provide them the tools to also succeed in their goals.

Contact me on 0423 838 008 for affordable bookkeeping services that support your business

Alexis has the following skills, attends regular skills maintenance training, and the support of a diverse team of bookkeepers and accountants with a wide range of skills.

tick_mark20    Accounts Payable

tick_mark20    Accounts Receivable

tick_mark20   BAS and IAS

tick_mark20    End-to-end Bookkeeping

tick_mark20    Cash / Accrual Accounting

tick_mark20    Payroll

tick_mark20    Proficient in Excel

tick_mark20    Financial Reporting

tick_mark20    Debt Management

tick_mark20    Business Management

tick_mark20    Proficient in Xero & MYOB

tick_mark20    Bank Reconciliations

tick_mark20    Proficient in Word

Thank-you, I appreciate your visit to my page.  I can be contacted on 0423 838 008.  Alexis Katt

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