ASIC Services

asic agent
  • Registered BAS Agents – Registration No. 80294000
  • Registered ASIC Agents – Registration No. 37258
  • ABBS are Certified Practising Bookkeepers
  • We can monitor ASIC notices on your behalf
  • We can lodge the following documents electronically for you;
  • 484 Change of company details used to notify ASIC of:
  • Change of address
  • Appoint or cease company officeholder
  • Change of name – officeholder or members
  • Change to members register
  • Change to share structure
  • Change of details – ultimate holding company
  • Change to special purpose company status
  • 205A    Notice of resolution – change of company name
  • 361    Registered Agent ceasing to act
  • 362    Appointment or cessation of registered agent
  • 370    Resignation of officeholder
  • 410B    Change of company name reservation
  • 410F    Extension of name reservation
  • 485    Statement in relation to company solvency
  • 492    Request for correction
  • 5100A    Registration of managed investment scheme
  • 6010    Voluntary Deregistration of a company
  • 902    Supplementary Document
  • RA61    Review date report
  • RA67    Company Debt Report
  • RA71    Request for Adhoc Company Statement

Financial Statements

  • 388    Copy of financial statements and reports
  • 388    Amendment of financial statements of directors reports

Financial Statements

  • FS88   PDS in-use notice
  • FS89   Notice of change to fees and charges in a PDS
  • FS90   Notice that a product in a PDS has ceased to be available

What our clients say about us…

“We have been able to
focus on our growth without the distraction of the bookkeeping”

Andy G

“I am so grateful for the expertise, professionalism and excellent customer service I have experienced.”

Marion B

“Took the weight off my shoulders so I could focus on developing my business and moving forward”

Elizabeth G

ABBS Guarantee to you

If we are provided with the information needed to complete your BAS, and an error is made, ABBS will complete any corrections and re-lodgements at no cost to you.

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