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Are You Passionate About Providing First Class Service?

If you are a bookkeeper and can see the benefit of working with the backing of an ever-growing group of professional bookkeepers, then ABBS may be the right choice for you!

What we are Building

ABBS are an Australia wide group of professional bookkeepers and BAS agents seeking to expand our group with people who are committed to providing exceptional bookkeeping services to business across our great country.  We have very skilled people in our group who are of various origins from around the globe who are pursuing a career in bookkeeping.  As a bookkeeping team, we believe in jobs in Australia for Australians which means that we do not outsource this important role to citizens and residents of other countries as others do, and this makes us different.

What we offer

  • The opportunity to be part of a growing group of bookkeepers across Australia which will provide career benefits you cannot attain on your own.
  • If you are seeking to achieve your personal BAS registration, ABBS can act as your supervising BAS agent and sign off on your hours which will help to advance your career.
  • We provide group training each week for our bookkeepers to develop their career knowledge
  • We telephone and remote support assist with any questions you may have when you are working with your clients
  • We provide documents, useful spreadsheets, forms, templates policies and procedures you will need when working with clients
  • We provide advertising and marketing support through a variety of media methods.
  • Secure space on our servers that we back-up daily
  • Your personal ABBS email address
  • Access to the ABBS closed Facebook page to meet, discuss, access support and exchange ideas with other group bookkeepers
  • Access to the ABBS business coach who works with our bookkeepers.
  • Assistance with finding new clients

You can read about:

  • Our mission statement, our business model, and our core values on the “About Us” web page
  • A current list of services we offer under the “Services” menu
  • The ABBS team under the “Our Team” menu

What we ask from you

  • You must hold an appropriate Bookkeeping qualification approved by the Tax Practitioners Board. (ABBS are willing to consider student bookkeepers working toward an approved qualification. However, we assess each on the merit of the application.)
  • Be prepared to provide a satisfactory National Crime Check report
  • Have an ABN number or be willing to apply for one as you will be growing your own business.
  • Be a member of Institute Certified Bookkeepers or be willing to join
  • Have a passion for learning and a genuine desire to help and mentor others in their learning
  • Have a good head for numbers
  • Be organised in yourself and your work
  • Be willing to support the ABBS system
  • Once you have attained your BAS registration, be prepared to complete or assist in completing BAS for others working toward registration.
  • Be willing to contribute to your marketing actively and that of the ABBS group as a whole to advance your career and that of the group.

What do team members say about being a part of ABBS?

“…sounds too good to be true, but it really is true, so why wouldn’t you be a part of it”  Noel

“…support structure builds confidence, everyone brings something different to the group, training sessions are invaluable, insurance is covered, branding strategies are priceless.  The groundwork is all done, you feel part of something exciting and professional with fantastic newsletters and emails to keep clients up to date done for us.  I feel really proud being a part of ABBS.” Jo B

“…it is great to have the support of a group of competent bookkeepers with years of experience.  …to have the support of a mentor and coach in Rob as well as other BAS agents like Julie and Janice.  The ongoing training and updates to keep one competent and accountable. takes time, patience and diligence,  …the meetings and training sessions take your business to the next level.  …does not cost much at all, but what it does cost is worth every penny.” Maylene

The Next Step

If you would like more information or talk to us about being a team member, the first step is to contact us, and we will call, explain and show you what you need to know, then answer any questions you have.

Contact Us

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