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Manager, Certified Practicing Bookkeeper & BAS Agent

BAS Services, Payroll, MYOB

National Crime Check Cleared

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tick_mark20    MYOB Software Specialist

tick_mark20    Xero Software

tick_mark20    Data File Setup

tick_mark20    Payroll setup and processing

tick_mark20    BAS, IAS, Fuel tax, Payment summaries

tick_mark20    Superannuation

tick_mark20    File Disaster recovery & Validation

tick_mark20    Asset Management

tick_mark20    Loan account management

tick_mark20    Inventory management

tick_mark20    Development of Excel spreadsheets

tick_mark20    Qualified Accounting and Bookkeeping trainer

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In the early 2000’s Rob Boon was offering one of the very few non-accredited courses in bookkeeping before the launch of the official training courses and qualifications.  In 2005, the ATO researched the Australian bookkeeping industry. The findings of this research were published in the Australian Financial Review in 2006.  That report identified that up to 90% of Australian bookkeepers were not competent in performing the tasks that they were charged to deliver and held no formal qualifications in their chosen field.  This finding, of course, was not surprising, because at the time there were no training packages or qualification courses for bookkeepers.  As a result of this, the first financial services bookkeeping course and qualification, FNS40207 was launched in September 2007 intending to change this situation, and this is now happening.

Contribution to Training

In February 2010, immediately after the introduction of the TASA Act 2009, Rob accepted the role of creating a financial services department and a Certificate IV bookkeeping course with a Registered Training Organisation which grew to include Certificate IV accounting and Diploma of Accounting with thousands of enrolments in all Australian states. He took great pride in the bookkeeping standards he encouraged his students to adopt and the support he provided to them and the quality of the course graduates.   In mid-2010 he registered as a BAS Agent under the TASA act with the Tax Practitioners Board.

Creation of ABBS Group

The next step has been to create a national group of bookkeepers who have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide clients with a quality of service that is hard to match by a bookkeeper working on their own.  The ABBS group is committed to further learning and the development of the knowledge and skills of each group member.  Rob also provides a mentoring program for group members working toward their own BAS agent registration as required by the Tax Practitioners Board.

If you need a bookkeeper that is guaranteed to be competent in working with your business, then talk to Rob, and he will ensure you do not run afoul of all of the compliance issues and bookkeeping standards that a business needs to meet.

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